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ZGM Productions Photobooth August 2022

Some of our basic photobooth features are:

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  • Online Gallery

  • QR Code sharing

  • Custom overlays

  • Photobooth Attendant

  • GIFs

  • Boomerangs

  • Videos

  • Backdrops

Why choose us?

Besides great pricing, we want to partner with you to make your wedding special.  Here are some of the ways we do that!

ZGM Productions Wedding Photobooth Rental

Lighting and Attendants

At ZGM Productions, we're working on building a company that is professional and highly skilled at creating amazing experiences for our clients and their guests.

When it comes to photobooth rentals, we make sure our photobooths have enough lighting to capture awesome memories. And we make sure you have someone there who can make it a smooth and awesome experience for your guests.

As far as our technology goes, we're always on the look out for the best (and most cost-effective!) apps and products to continue to enhance your experience.

Custom Backdrops

A lot of brides spend more time on choosing their wedding colors than they do anything else for their wedding (other than maybe who they are marrying).  And that's fine! We want to help.

We offer the ability to find a backdrop color that matches your wedding colors, if that's what you want.  Otherwise, you can choose from black, white, or a green backdrop.



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Photobooths can be an awesome way for your guests to capture (and create) memories.

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