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Wedding DJ Questionnaire

Interested in our DJ services?  Here are some helpful questions and answers to help you get to know us better.  Ready to set up an in person or Zoom meeting? Send us a message on our contact page.

Question: How long have you been doing this professionally?

Answer: Some of our DJ's have been DJ'ing professionally for more than a decade.  Others (myself), have significant wedding and event experience, but are relatively new to DJ'ing specifically.

Q: Are there any other services you provide such as lighting or a photo booth?

A: Absolutely.  Our basic DJ services (unless otherwise discussed) include two t-bars of 4 lights each.  Uplighting and other lighting is available but will need quoted.  We of course provide photobooth rentals as well.

Q: Do you act as the emcee and make all announcements?

A: Yes.  We will act as your emcee and make all necessary announcements.  We'll discuss this and lay out a reception timeline during our pre-wedding work. If you have a day of coordinator or your venue has an event manager, we'll definitely work with them as much as possible to ensure your event is as seamless as possible.

Q: Can we submit a “do not play” list?

A: Yes.  We call this a blacklist.  We'll work with you in the months preceding your wedding or event to come up with a list of songs that you don't want played at your wedding.  No matter the reason.

Q: Do you take requests from guests? How does that process work?

A: Yes.  If that's what you would like to happen!  We'll clarify this before your wedding.  If you are ok with guests submitting requests, we like to have those in during the cocktail hour or the time before you make your grand entrance if possible.  This allows us to program requests in a way that's non disruptive, and cross reference with your blacklist.

Q: Will you provide a written contract?

A: Yes.  We provide all of our clients with a written contract, regardless of the level of service we provide them.  Our contracts are sent and signed via electronic methods.

Q:  Are you insured?

A; Yes.  We have a business owner's policy which includes liability.  To that affect, we include in our contracts a clause that allows our DJ's to stop performing if they feel it's no longer safe to do so.  We also do not drink on the job. We want to help make your wedding a safe and memorable experience.

Q: Can you provide microphones for the wedding ceremony? Corded or wireless?

A: Yes! We can provide microphones for your wedding ceremony if necessary.  To that end, we can provide a complete sound system for your ceremony if it is needed. Corded or wireless mics, which ever option is preferred.

Q: What will you wear to our wedding?

A:  We'll look professional.  A black shirt with black pants.  

Have more questions?  Let's set up a time to chat about how we can help make your wedding amazing.  Hit the contact button up on top or go to our contact page for more options!